Updating Your Shower With New Fixtures

Reason one for this finish is because it looks so good, it’s an easy way to add some extra flare to your shower without having the whole thing renovated. The second purpose for this type of finish is for people who have had their shower renovated and want to spend the extra few dollars on accessories that will really bring their shower renovation results together.

Regardless what your reasons are for wanting an updated shower, you won’t have any problems at all finding everything from a shower arm, all the way down to the shower drain. One joy that the internet brings you and I today, is the ability to find these kinds of things online for prices that are generally lower than what you would find at Home Depot, Rona, etc.. If you know the exact dimensions and specifications of your shower, you should be able to find just about any part that you could imagine right here online.

The shower doors are the first part of any shower that’s going to be seen. If you’re planning to go all out with your Brushed Nickel Shower, then you should really start with the doors, and if you don’t have a door on your shower, then you should start with the curtain rod (see below). Whether you need a sliding, swinging, or bifold door (french doors), you can find them all with a brushed nickel finish.

Once you’re inside a shower, the next biggest attention grabber, is the shower arm (if you don’t have a shower arm, then the shower head would be your equivalent). This is an accessory that also gives you tons of room for choices. Shower arms come in a variety of different styles and lengths such as ‘S’ shaped, adjustable, or a right angle arm. Another popular choice these days, is the handheld shower arm which allows you to use it as a primary water source, or a secondary one in addition to your shower head if you have one.

Regardless of whether you have a shower head filter for hard water, shower arm, or both, you’ll want your levers and handles to match. Shower levers and handles go hand in hand with your shower head/arm so choosing them won’t be too difficult because you’ll just be matching them with your shower head/arm; however, you might want to look at your options before picking out your shower head/arm in case you find one that you really like but doesn’t match your other – already purchased – shower accessories.

As mentioned before, it’s usually less expensive to order your shower accessories online; however, you might want to stop into a hardware shop the next time you’re out and about just to take an in person look at some of the available options, then make your order at home directly from a manufacturer. If you already have a pretty good idea of what you want in your shower, then you’ll likely find some good deals at amazon to complete the transformation of your Brushed Nickel Shower!