The Living Condition of workers offshore

How many of you have family or friends working offshore? You just do not know how lucky you are and working on the land because you can easily get what you want. You live in a house with your loved ones and you are free to go anywhere you want. If you are used to this kind of lifestyle, then you might find it difficult to work offshore. Those workers away from home are facing a different routine every day. And then, if you are not brave enough, you might not want to live there even just for a day.

But, we have to accept the fact that some individuals need to sacrifice and work offshore. Thousands of people are working offshore and their job is on a long term basis. They cannot leave work without a valid reason. It would be nice knowing that most of them have offshore accommodations with good facilities because some are just being patient with whatever room available.

If only these offshore workers can easily leave after working hours, then they do not need to feel how lonely it is to stay far away from their families. But, the means of transportation is not always available because they need to travel via jets or helicopters and ships. How do you think is their living condition offshore? Remember that not all of these individuals are lucky because not all companies can afford to give the best to their employees.


It is very important for an oil rig to have a satellite communication equipment installed on-board. Through this the workers may call their families, friends and loved ones. It is also through this satellite where Internet connection is possible. Therefore, every worker offshore can communicate outside through e-mails, chats and video calls.

Without this essential equipment, people with this kind of workplace will not know about what is happening outside. It would be nice, if they will also hear stories about current events for their awareness. In such a way, they would not feel like a stranger in their own communities.


You can find the lifeboats on its specific place on the vessel. It is the responsibility of every worker to know where these lifeboats are located. They need to know exactly how to reach these lifeboats with the fastest route from their quarters and workplace. Of course, in case of emergency and workers need to leave the place, they can secure themselves. Anyway, workers also have a schedule to practice fire drills as well as abandoning their stations as fast as they can, so that they will know what to do when in a dangerous situation.

When you are working offshore, you will be facing the nature’s forces. You will be experiencing thunderstorms, typhoons, strong winds and big waves. So, you have to put on safety suits whenever you are in your workplace. It would be nice to read additional info about the standards on safety suit.

Since oil is basically involved here. Every individual offshore is not allowed to smoke anywhere to prevent fire and explosion. They have a smoking area provided and is available for smokers to light their cigars. Everybody must strictly follow that for safety reasons.


Depending on the size of the cabins. The size is either a room for two or four people. Most of the time, the room has a double deck bed. So, you can find one or two of this in a room. But, this setting is for an older type of rig. Now, if you are working under this company with old facilities, then it is so sad to say that you are not so lucky.

Nowadays, most of the companies working on oil rigs already have upgraded their rigs with one person per room. Of course, that is because of the advanced technology and facilities they have, where machines do most of the work. Therefore, they have less workers and can manage to have a room for every employee. Here, some of them have rooms, which is also their workplace. In my opinion, this is for them to accommodate everybody.

Offshore workers in such situations are luckier because they can be more comfortable sleeping in the room. They indeed have a privacy, but is not allowed to keep their room lock for emergency reasons.