Protect Your Business With a Card Access System

There are many ways you can protect your business. Locking out criminals and preventing theft through a card access system. Large buildings with multiple tenants benefit from an electronic access system to allow those working in the building access and keeping out others. They are the ultimate security option for business owners and property managers.


Electronic access systems allow the manager or owner of the building to control who has access and to what areas. Orlando lockout services can install the security feature giving the management control. Set the hours that you want certain people to have access to the building.


Many building owners have the problem of employees or visitors leaving the door propped open. An open door invites theft and vandalism into the building. The electronic access systems alert the management to a door left open. The door can then be closed keeping out unwanted people.


No longer worry about having to rekey every lock in the building when someone is fired or a new business moves into an unoccupied office. Using an electronic access system allows you to determine who has privileges to the building and who doesn’t. Easily remove their permissions and they can no longer access the building.


The system can be set up to automatically lock the building at key times. No longer worry about someone forgetting to lock the doors upon closing for the night. Set up the times the business should be open and when it closes. The locks automatically engage during non-business hours.

Electronic access card systems allow you to maintain better control over the business’ security. The cards grant entry to specific people for specific times and days. No longer worry about an employee using the key to gain access after hours. Those not granted access, cannot enter the building.