Minimizing the Damages of Wild Moss

Stagnant bodies of water like decorative ponds cannot help but grow vegetation like moss and algae. When the water does not flow freely from a stream or nearby river, it remains stagnant, making it ideal for spores of algae, moss, and other vegetation to grow.

Ponds that become covered in scum are not only eyesores. They also are dangerous to any wildlife or vegetation that lives in them. Creatures like fish and amphibians cannot eat or breathe. Flowers and grasses likewise get smothered and die off.

Removing scum can be a gruesome and tiresome job for which you are not well-equipped. Instead, you can hire a company that specializes in fountain repair, lake algae control , and moss removal for your decorative pond today.

Using the Right Equipment

Removing hazards like blue algae is a job that you should not handle unless you are properly equipped for it. This type of algae is actually toxic to animals, plants, and humans that come into contact with it. It can make you sick and also spread quickly from one body of water to the next.

The contractors with the company have the right equipment on hand to remove blue algae and other fungi that have grown over the top of the pond. They can use certain ecologically friendly chemicals and shocking agents to neutralize the acidity or base in the water. They also can literally scoop away and remove the algae on the water’s surface.

After they get rid of the algae, the contractors might suggest you add some type of aeration system to the water. In most cases, simply adding a water fountain to the pond can be enough to keep the water moving and aerated throughout the day. It prevents the water from standing still and growing moss and algae over it.

If you have a fountain on hand, the company can install it for you. If not, it can suggest fountain models that might work well in your decorative pond. They can also repair any fountains that you have that have stopped working.