Prefab and Save or Standard Construction and Go into Debt?

Prefab construction gains more of its share of the building market every day mainly because of its cost effectiveness but there are other reasons as well. Also known as “off-site” construction, this method of building takes less time and fewer workers are needed to complete a project. Prefab garages, spare sheds, or even entire houses are common these days and you can’t tell from looking at them that they weren’t built where they stand.

Customized to Suit, Why Settle for a Mass-Produced Clone?

The size, shape, and style of prefab buildings are pretty much limited only by the imagination. Sure, you can go to just about any large hardware store these days and buy one sitting on the lot, but that way you “get what you get” and don’t have any say in the details. Of course, sometimes the more personalization you ask for the more it will cost but that is to be expected and is the same with standard construction.

Are They Really as Cost Effective as You’ve Heard?

Yes, prefab buildings of any kind are typically a lot more cost effective than traditional construction and a lot less stressful to deal with. When it’s prefab you choose design, material and finishing touches according to what your budget can handle. You don’t have to settle for a “cookie cutter” duplicate of your neighbor’s garage or accept a contractor’s idea of what’s perfect when you have ideas of your own.

What About Energy Efficiency and Comfort?

People used to hear the words prefab building and think “poorly constructed and may fall apart in a stiff breeze.” Anyone that still does couldn’t be more wrong. Whether you need a garage, shed or an entire house, prefab buildings aren’t what they used to be. They have evolved and are just as energy efficient and comfortable as anything standard construction can build, as well as being a lot more flexible in the planning stage.

One of the biggest differences between the two is very simple but important, especially for anyone on a tight budget. Cost per square foot of a prefab building often includes any interior fixtures and even some amenities. You would look a long time before you found a “sticks and brick” contractor willing to offer that kind of deal. Simply put, when standard construction charges for so many things prefab doesn’t, why hire a contractor when you can buy a prefab?

Keeping your vehicle in out of bad weather, or as a place to store items out of the way yet keep them handy are two reasons most people decide they need a garage. Many these days are even making extra living space out of them but regardless what you need it for once the decision has been made waiting is hard on the nerves. Unlike standard construction, prefab buildings are built in a protected environment, so weather doesn’t delay anything, and delivery is in weeks, not months.