Keeping The Water Flowing

When you notice that water doesn’t flow through your gutter system or that there are leaves gathering along the edges of your roof, then you want to take a few hours to clean your gutter system. If you aren’t able to do the work yourself or you are unsure of how to get the system clean without damaging the drain and other parts of the system, then you might want to consider contacting a gutter cleaning Jacksonville FL company. Someone will bring a ladder along with the proper equipment to gently remove the debris that is blocking the drain and preventing water from flowing as it should.

If you’re able to safely set up a ladder in the yard or on a deck to clean your gutter system, then you can usually save a good bit of money. However, you need to make sure you can reach the gutters and that you are able to maneuver the tools that you’re using safely so that you don’t fall while removing the debris. Start at one end of the gutter system before working your way to the drain. Wear gloves so that your hands are protected in case there are sharp objects in the gutters or there are insects that could sting your hands. A leaf blower is an option that works well in removing leaves from your gutters, but you need to be able to hold the blower while you’re on the ladder.

When you’re standing on the ladder, you want to position yourself so that your hips are between the rails. This will give you the stability that you need to stand in one place while holding your equipment. Remove leaves and debris from the roof next to the gutter before cleaning the gutter system. Use a water hose to flush water through the system after it’s cleaned to ensure that it will drain properly.