Protect What Matters Most

Your home is the one place in this world that you should feel the most safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, with the threats that exist in the world today, feeling safe, even in your own home, can be a difficult task. That’s why it’s so important to provide every protection you can for you and your family through the use of modern security solutions. While it’s unfortunate that you have to even consider using a security system to protect your home, it is an integral part of protecting your family at all times.


A simple security system can certainly provide a level of protection for your home. However, due to today’s advanced threats, you need an entire security solution that protects all aspects of your daily life. A system from Integrated Security Solutions provides just that system, giving you control over your home’s security through an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, an on-the-go mobile app, home automation features that allow you to easily control door locks, temperature, and lights, plus real-time camera feeds that allow you to know exactly what’s happening at your home at any time.

Stop it Before it Starts

The best way to protect you and your family from external threats is to prevent them from happening in the first place. That’s why a simple alarm system isn’t enough to provide the level of protection you truly need. To be sure, any alarm system can provide some deterrence by alerting would-be intruders of an alarm’s presence. However, at it’s core, an alarm system is simply meant to alert you and the proper authorities of danger after an event has already occurred. This gives you far less time to respond and provides far less protection.

By utilizing automatic lights, you give your home the appearance of being lived-in, to deter any would-be intruders. By utilizing cameras, you provide deterrence because any potential intruders know that their identity will be fully known should they attempt a break-in. That’s not to say that you don’t need the alerting capabilities of a core alarm system, just that it’s not the only component you should utilize to ensure maximum protection.


If an emergency does occur- whether it’s an intruder, fire, or medical emergency- it’s likely you will be under a lot of stress and in a rush. The last thing you need is to try and navigate a confusing keypad to activate the necessary functions of your alarm system. That’s why Integrated Security Solutions utilizes a touchscreen keypad to provide intuitive, easy-to-use controls for each component of your system, ensuring you’re always prepared with the information you need to respond correctly. The extra seconds this information provides could make all the difference in an emergency situation.

What Matters Most

You’d do anything to keep your family safe. From bike helmets, to seatbelts, to doctor’s check-ups, you constantly have the best interests of those you love in mind. A natural progression of this love and care is to utilize a home security …

How to Increase the Lifespan of Your HVAC System

When it comes to controlling the climate of your interior setting, the HVAC system is an appliance that is used throughout the year. Although the product is built to last, many issues can occur if it’s not maintained well. If you want to increase the lifespan of the product, there are a few crucial steps to take to keep it running well long-term.

Schedule an Inspection

Hire a professional from a site like to inspect the HVAC system once or twice a year to examine the parts and look for any repairs that are needed. The technician can diagnose any issues that are present and will clean the parts to ensure that the appliance continues to run well throughout the season.

Change the Air Filter

Many people forget to change the air filter on their HVAC system, which can cause the appliance to work harder than necessary to run. Failing to change the air filter every three to four months can also result in poor air quality in the home, which can affect the health of the residents. Replacing the air filter will protect the parts from damage and can also reduce your home’s energy usage by five to 10 percent, which will increase your savings on your monthly bill.

Avoid Overworking the System

Although setting the thermostat will prevent the HVAC system from running too much each day, it’s important to set it at a realistic temperature that it can reach. Setting the thermostat at 65 degrees in the summer season will cause it to work harder than necessary to reach the temperature when there’s a heat wave outside.

Get a Load Calculation

The HVAC system that is installed in your home should be the proper size to ensure that it doesn’t work too hard to cool or heat each room in the building. Hire a professional technician to perform a load calculation and recommend the best brand or model for your property. Systems that are too small will run continuously throughout the day, which can lead to repairs that are needed sooner. Similarly, systems that are too large for the home will shut on and off frequently because they’ll heat or cool the house quickly. They can also lead to moisture issues in the home, which can cause mold to form over time.

Maintenance your HVAC system throughout the year will allow it to run well and can allow you to address any issues that are present before they escalate. With the help of a professional, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll increase the lifespan of the parts.…